About Me

Every moment you spend with your children is stored in your children’s minds. These moments are remembered, cherished, thought about and shape who your child is becoming. Dads are the biggest influence in any kids lives when growing up. Our influence as fathers indirectly and directly mold our children’s habits and personalities. Even though day after day not seem like massive impact but it is. I created this website as a resource for dads to be:

More aware of all the moments, big and small, that impact our children. I hope it provides resources for mental health and how to be self-aware about it. Lots travel tips and guides for the small weekend day trips to the big week long trips. Inspiring and motivational stories, quotes and thoughts to keep your motivation tank full and, of course, everyday dad stuff that fits our dad lifestyles!

After visiting my site, I hope you have insight on how to be a dad that is always aware of every moment and the impact it has on your children, shared a laugh or two with me, and most importantly motivate you to get out with the family and create core memories constantly because these are the moments that will stick with your kids for a lifetime.


I am a father of two amazing, adventurous, loving, stubborn boys that have opened my eyes up to seeing the world completely differently and taught me so much about love, care, emotions and role-modeling. Like most dads, my love for my children is indescribable and unconditional.

Something I was told when my oldest son was born was “Your children will remember you from the 2 hours after work you spend with them everyday and the weekend memories that are created”. That really stuck with me. Children are aware at all times and absorb everything they see and hear like a sponge. Those things they absorb creates internal thoughts and outwardly habits. So I promised myself I will do everything I can to be the best role-model I can be; no matter how hard the day was at the office, bills piling up or the internal mental health struggles I may go through because at the end of the day this role-modeling is parenting in a nutshell.

Through the highs and lows of parenting my wife and I have found a way to parent our children that we feel is working out. Are there days that the kids hear things they shouldn’t from my mouth? Of course. Are there times when I argue with them over the TV remote and dad wins? Sure. But I know at the end of the day when I go to sleep and say my prayers that I am not perfect and I am doing the best I can and, most importantly, I am self-aware about the days I may have messed up and find my improvements I need to work on.

I hope after checking out my blog you find some motivation deep down to be more aware of the moments you create with your children and challenge you to create more of those core memories that we, as dads, think of when we think of our childhood.

If you need anything, have questions or need another dad to bounce thoughts off of; send me an email at hello@kylenelson.com and I will do my best to get back to you. This blog was really created as a resource for dad’s to be the best, most impactful parent they can be to their children and I hope it motivates you to do so!


Chief Dad Officer – Kyle 🤙