About Me

Ever since a young age I have been obsessed with improving my self-awareness (even though I didn't realize what self-awareness was). Through my life experiences, I have always wanted to master self-awareness. Not to many people have done this but what I have found is every moment I focus on my behaviors, reactions and steps I take in times of turmoil or times of change, the more I find I focus on my self-awareness and what I am truly feeling.

Ultimately, I try to work toward pure fulfillment everyday. Even though having 100% fulfillment is a rarity, if you work towards it daily, it keeps you in the right mindset and keeping checks and balances with your emotions, which in return allows you to be resilient and strong in times of difficult decisions and experiences.

This blog is bringing together my thoughts on seeking mindfulness, awareness, self-improvement, emotional intelligence, communication skills, stress-reduction, building strong relationships, and reaching increased introspection.

I haven't quite figured all those things out, but I am working towards it. As I go through the motions of life, just like you, I find I want to share what works for me. Here is where I can share those things.

Hope you enjoy and can relate!