Some dads are just plain awesome. They’re there for their kids every step of the way, from day one. Dads sometimes do something small that means a lot to their child because they know it’s more special coming from them than anyone else!

Dads can be the best friend, role model and shoulder to lean on for their child in need. They are involved in every aspect of their child’s life from day one as a new father-to-be and they grow with them into adulthood. Sometimes dad’s will do something little that means the world to their son or daughter that they might not receive otherwise, because they know it means so much more coming from them!

This article we are going to dive into 5 qualities of a rad father and how you can be a rad dad just by picking up some of these qualities.

Quality 1: Dads are there for their kids in every way. They offer a sympathetic ear when they’re going through tough times and aren’t afraid to talk about the struggles of growing up. Life is rough, especially for kids who have minimal past life experience and do not have the wisdom we do as dads to navigate through life.

Quality 2: Not only that, but dads can be a great friend to share interests with as well. Whether it’s sports, games, music or anything else, they will be there to cheer you on. All a kid wants is a dad to spend time with on things they enjoy. Giving them, quite literally, the time of day to hang out an enjoy quality time together.

Quality 3: Dads want their kids to succeed and excel at everything they do. They encourage them to do their best and help them with completing homework and other difficult tasks. Pushing your kids in a positive light and giving them a helping hand where they might be struggling can help them gain the confidence and skills to succeed.

Quality 4: Dads love unconditionally! Like any father, they are always proud of their children. Their love for their children is endless and they will always be there to comfort them in a time of need. Love is all any human wants and kids are no different. If anything they thrive on love and acceptance from their parents, so just give it them, even when they might be embarrassed.

Quality 5: Dads are also strong role models for their kids. They show the best ways to handle problems and demonstrate how to be respectful human beings. For example, some dads teach their kids about personal hygiene as they’re growing up or how to mow the lawn. The list goes on and on, but one thing remains the same – most kids want to be just like their dad when they grow up.

For these reasons, dads make excellent role models and friends for their children. They are there for them in every way and want what’s best for them. Sometimes I think to myself about the thing that I know my dad did that showed love, interest and compassion. Being a dad is a privilege and an opportunity that we should all, as dads, take with full responsibility and respect.

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